Mencken on Epidemics

Typhoid raged all summer, smallpox all winter, malaria at all times of the year.

I haven’t written about the affects of Covid mainly because government, once it has all the power, can do anything it wants. It is almost of no interest, as the lock downs are but one in a string of heinous things the government has done and will continue to do, until mankind comes to understand that the individual is worth something. Power in the hands of the state destroys people’s lives and the Covid lock down is a wonderful example of this.

Epidemics raging is standard throughout history, what has changed is who in society has the power. In the past, they probably would have issued a statement like this: “At this time a virus is raging. We urge caution, especially for the elderly.” The people could have heeded the advice or not, they would have had the freedom to choose. But since the goal is evermore power for the state, Covid is a perfect excuse to grab more. And this is what they did – with lock downs, business closures, personal financial devastation and the trillions the insiders received. There is no telling how this power will be used on the people in the future, but be assured it will be to their detriment.

As to Covid being a deadly bug – I am sure it is, much like having a cold or a mosquito bite – as the mosquito has always been the most dangerous animal or insect on earth.

To put Covid in perspective I wanted to share this quote from Mencken. He writes similarly in his Happy Days book about the Baltimore of his youth (circa 1890) but this quote from his one recorded interview is best:

“It was extraordinarily hot in summer, and filthy. It was full of flies, mosquitoes. All kinds of epidemics were running simultaneously. But the people liked it. Food was cheap, houses were comfortable, although we slept under mosquito nets. I look back on it with great affection. I realize its limitations. There were no sewers and the water supply was bad. Typhoid raged all summer, smallpox all winter, malaria at all times of the year.

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