Digital Currency is Complete Destruction

A digital currency is cat nip to central planners. They can’t resist this temptation.

The future holds even less power for individuals and more power for the government, and the ability to gain more power over the people through the use of a digital currency is almost unlimited. Certainly the plans have been made, the system in place, now they wait for the opportunity.

The excuses they will use to implement the cashless world:
-faster payments and rebates from the state
-to better control inflation and deflation via electronic currency
-a fairer and more just economic system, economic equality
-ability to get mortgage, business and personal loans directly from the government

What they really want and get through issuing electronic currency:
-more power
-to each according to their need done with electronic precision
-better able to pick the winners and losers of society
-curtail behaviors they want to get rid of i.e. black market activity
-deny money, food, travel, freedom to dissidents and other undesirables
-enforce price and wage controls, negative interest rates, forced confiscation

The list is endless.

What it will really do
This is all another way of saying the implementation of a full scale command economy, where the state controls everything. The list of the benefits for the average Americano contains nothing. There is no benefit. It will only continue the trend begun in 1787 and which continues through current times – regular Americans losing freedom and power and the state gaining it. Digital currency will solidify the idea that the individual American will never have any power. Though he will learn how to better grovel before the state to receive his ration. Perhaps current lobbyists could publish books to teach the public how to grovel.

How and when they will do it
Soon. The time is right. The nation has been demoralized and few even understand right and wrong at this point. There would be little resistance. All the cronies have been paid off with trillions, the PPP loans paid off the businesses, business people and churches in the nation, the rest cannot understand the consequences and will only line up to get their benefits. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go digital within the next 12 months. Either one more good market crash or just the clamor for more government fiat will be the impetus to begin. They might say, “We really want to get this money to you, but only the digital version.” And the people, in unison, will cry out, “Give it to us”.

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