This isn’t Moral Hazard, it’s War

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

I keep seeing the idea that what the Fed is doing is creating ‘moral hazard’. But what they’re doing is not moral hazard – it is a war crime. They’re not helping Americans in any way, and are instead actively destroying them and their American civilization. At some point people have to understand fully what is being done to them and their society. The people around them, the people they love, those who will come after them are being systematically destroyed and the best people can muster is a softly spoken, “moral hazard.”

No. What they are doing is warring against you.

What was once generalized demolition has now become direct war.

The time for analyzing keynesian machinations is over
There are those who carefully pour over the data, debate the philosophical constructs, analyze money velocity, trying to understand and explain the nuances of Fed policy. But all of that is irrelevant. Whether the fed injects 1 trillion or 10 trillion is irrelevant. What matters is that that’s what they’re doing – fraudulently creating ‘money’. Thereby destroying people’s time, energy and effort – everything they worked for, saved and invested.

Watching and commenting on the daily machinations is whacking the branches. Get to the core – the fake fiat money system – is to strike the root. The sunshine patriots with their economic models and predictions, their ideas of moral hazard will be relegated to the dustbin. The summer patriots will fall away and a new class of man will rise up.

Where it is all going
Everything which is begun in fraud will come to destroy all participants. Such is this monetary system which began with counterfeiting, moving into a complete takeover and command economy, and now ending in destruction. The war over the idea that Nock warned about – “that the state is everything and the individual is nothing” will blossom into full technicolor in the eyes of the watchers and the pages of the history books.

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