Mass of the Ages Movie Review

Mr. Friday Night

Mass of the Ages is a 3 part movie series which shows the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). Parts I and II are available now and part III will be released soon. It was recommended to me a few months ago by a friend who goes to the TLM.

Part I
Part I is about the beauty of the TLM. Watch on youtube here.
Some of the movie’s chapters:
Discover the Latin Mass
What makes the Latin Mass unique?
When priests learn the Latin Mass
How the Latin Mass teaches reverence and humility
“Tradition is another word for solid foundation”
The best setting for the mystery of the Eucharist
Why the Latin Mass?

Part II
Part II discusses how the new Mass came about and contrasts the new Mass with the TLM. Watch part II here.

If you’ve never seen the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated you are in for a treat.

5 stars, highly recommended.

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