The Grey Haired Brigade Rides Again

There is something beautiful about this video, as rank as it is. Seeing the Grey Haired Brigade ride again is satisfying.

America is coming apart at the seams. Even the retired geriatrics of South Florida can feel it. The old standard rallying cry ‘hate’ is being used as the motive. But something deeper is going on. The economic disaster looms. People feel it but can’t yet enunciate it. They don’t know they have been living an economic lie but they do know they’re mad about something. Hate is an easy to use scapegoat, one of the basest of human emotions. But it is not the cause of the protest.

What is the cause? The economic destruction of the American people. The Federal Reserve has been destroying America by debasing and fraudulently creating currency for 100 years. These trends take time to play out, but the effects are now well underway. The American way of life is changing fast. Be prepared.

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