Levels of Violence and The Cost Benefit Analysis from the Federal Reserve

Levels of Violence in a Society

  1. peaceful protests, similar to a parade
  2. protests with looting, glass breaking, a few fires
  3. general lawlessness, mass of protesters angry. Burning whole blocks down
  4. widespread organized resistance and violence against authorities. Roving gangs. Skirmishes
  5. battles between two similarly matched forces
  6. Open war, WWI/WW2 style warfare – carpet bombing, poison gas, entire armies warring
  7. Hiroshima/Nagasaki
  8. Mutally Assured Destruction

Current violence levels of recent protests have ranged between a 1 and 2. I’m surprised at how mannered the protests are. The protesters have had their entire society and their own economic lives essentially destroyed by the Fed fiat ‘money’ economic system and they break some windows and loot a few stores.

Cost Benefit Analysis from the Point of View of the Federal Reserve
The Fed has been able to funnel trillions of dollars into the hands of insiders and cronies. The cost has been a few broken windows. I would imagine the Fed thinks this is a fantastic return on their money and are happy with the progress. They amass wealth and the only downside is a few burnt buildings that they don’t own.

Based on Fraud
Let’s say you and your friends were going to all become billionaires. To do this, all you had to do was type the new balances into your bank accounts. The only negative for you is that a few people, in states far away, marched in the streets and caused general disorder for a few days. One might think that this example is ridiculous, and it is. Creating ‘money’ by typing it into a computer is a fraud, but this is the root of the American economic system.

What to do
Many of the pearl-clutchers want the government to do anything and everything to put down the violent uprising. What the pearl-clutchers don’t understand is that many of these protester’s economic lives has been destroyed and when a people’s economic life has been destroyed by government policies there is no ‘crushing the revolt’. The revolt will always continue in some form until the economic destruction of their lives has ended. Until the fraud of a man being able to type his bank account balance into existence is ended, the protests will get gradually worse.

Though I am not for political revolution, I am for allowing people to be free from oppression. This American oppression comes from the fiat money system, which has been an abysmal failure, and has always been a barbaric flaw of any society that implements it. In order to ‘crush the revolt’ the fake fiat money system must be done away with completely.

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