A Short Note on the Reaction to the Free ‘Money’ Spewing forth from the Fed

When the Fed came out with the spending bazooka earlier in the pandemic, though it was reckless and destructive to the american people, many cheered. I talked with some of the cheerers about it and everyone of them were for the PPP loans to businesses. I heard the same thing from each of them, which went something like this: “Do you know what would have happened without the PPP loans? You can’t have millions of people unemployed and starving in the street.”

But with the weekly $600 unemployment benefits, which passed in the same bill, the people I spoke with were adamantly against it. “You can’t give free money out to the lazy, the slobs. It pisses me off.”

I find it interesting that they cheered the PPP giveaways to slob businesses but wanted to fight the “unemployed slobs” who received unemployment. Both policies are equally destructive to society, but the people I spoke with couldn’t grasp it.

What was the cause of this acceptance towards PPP and dislike toward UA? Simple jealousy? I don’t know, but leave it here as a curiosity.

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