As America Crumbles, Many Grow Closer To Becoming Barbarians

Sports fans growing more violent

As America falls this type of random, sporadic violence will continue to grow worse. Ol’ Remus said, “Stay away from crowds.” Keep those words close to you as this year proceeds. People are becoming chippy, ready to fight at a moments notice, usually over things that are trivial. Like getting the last box of cereal from the shelf, or a missed play in a sports game. Full story here:

‘It seems to be more extreme’: Violent sports fans are causing alarm at every level

“Are sports fans getting more aggressive, more abusive, more downright violent?

To Karissa Niehoff, the chief executive officer of the National Federation of State High School Associations, it sure seems that way.

“We’ve noticed, anecdotally, a rapid rise” in instances of aggressive or abusive behavior at high school sporting events, she said in a phone interview.

“It seems to be more frequent, and it seems to be more extreme,” she continued. “So it’s not just somebody was swearing at the official. We’re now having bench-clearing brawls at a greater number than we’ve seen. Physical assaults. … We’re just seeing, more commonly, a more extreme example of bad sportsmanship.”

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