The People are Getting a Little Chippy Out There

Language alert. This is a hilarious video, especially after she rams the other lady’s car and shouts out the window “Better call a tow truck, but you’ve shut them all down in town.” Many people in society don’t know what is happening to them, they just know that everything is falling apart. Kind of a blissful ignorance meets reality situation. So they’re beginning to get a little chippy. Now’s a good time to stay away from crowds.

Then the after wreck:

So You Want to Know Who Owns America…

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

Watch this interesting documentary by Tim Gielen. He goes through financial information to find out exactly who owns the corporations of america. The answer is 3 companies – black rock, vanguard and state street.

We are fed the idea of competition between companies, and perhaps spending money on those that aren’t trying to destroy us, but in the end, it is an illusion because they are all owned by the same corporations. A good watch.

I Saw the Richest Man in the World

I was at church on January 1st 2022. The Christmas mass is highly attended, standing room only. The mass on 1/1 is sparsely attended. It is a great dichotomy – everyone wants to be at church on Christmas, but then only a few show up just a few days later. 1/1 is a holy day of obligation – Catholics celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, and are required to attend.

To add to the sparse attendance, 1/1 was on a Saturday, which means we must also attend weekly mass the next day, Sunday.

On both days, in the pew in front on me, was a man and wife with 9 children. They were visiting the area, I had never seen them before.

This man (and woman) had the two most important and valuable things in the world. They had faith, attending church on 1/1, when so few others showed up. And they had family. I couldn’t help but think during mass that this was the richest man in the world. Didn’t know what his financial circumstances were and didn’t care, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

If you want to be rich – ignore what the world says to have. Faithfully go to church, meet a good woman, follow God, have lots of kids, and be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Will You Cheerlead for the Coming War?

Gerald Celente really says it best, “When all else fails they take you to war.” Well, all else is failing. I see a steady news flow about China or Russia doing some such negative thing. The clamor has begun. Those in power see the change coming, america falling, and recognize that a substantial part of the population will get a bit, say, unruly. The people know something is wrong but who to blame? They cast their eyes around. In an effort to throw the public off balance and avert attention from their disastrous policies, the government people will say something and point, “It’s China! They have destroyed us! It is our full intention to make them pay! We must go to war now! Sign up for service Joe Doe! Do your duty to defend the Great Homeland from the menace! They have destroyed our economy, wrecked our living standards! Onward boys, leap now, into battle!”

And the people will bang the drums and toot the horns, pleasantly pleased with themselves at having identified the enemy. They rush headlong into the fray.

The Slaves of the Future

In 1,000 years, will freedom be but a faded memory? Does the future hold more freedom for people or less? Will it go extinct?

Imagine a world without freedom. Your entire production is taxed. All of your time and energy is under the direction of someone or something else. Where you must submit to all licenses, fees, rules, dictates, that anyone in power mandated.

Even if freedom is gone, even if humans all live in squalid cages, or the matrix, I think there will still be people yearning to be free. The desire to be free will never be annihilated from the hearts of people. Maybe a cold wind will blow a tattered page of Tom Paine into their quarters. And maybe they’ll squint trying to read it in the moonlight. Maybe it will set their mind a’fire, and turn into a blaze only quenchable with freedom.

The Coming Great Depression

Can you feel the change in the air?

Something is changing. The world is entering into a great depression. Wars will be unleashed, and the lies will grow.
It is time to harden, not your hearts, but your will. The fat years fall away as the lean years come closer.

Turn away from the money gluttons and all frivolous pursuits. Time to focus on the 2 main things – faith and family. Build them up.

Americans have been chasing an illusion – that money more money will set them free – and when that illusion is gone, what will they do? The divorce rate is over 50% – they can’t rely on their family because they divorced their family. Few go to church. They have little actual tangible wealth – they have debt and trinkets from china. In fact, the money lusters have been telling them for years that debt is great. Putting yourself in debt in order to make money. So they can’t fall back on their real wealth.

What about skills? I don’t meet many people with actual, real world skills. Some can sell insurance, but most are paper pushers and retired hacks from the air force. They never did anything but push pointless papers and bow to their masters.
This is going to be interesting.

Reacher Movie Review – New Series On Amazon – Great Show

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

Reacher is a new action series on amazon, comprised of 8 episodes.

The plot: Jack Reacher, a decorated US soldier, arrives in an oh-so-perfect small southern town, just as violence is erupting. He’s wrongfully accused of a crime, and uses his brains and significant brawn to overcome this initial obstacle. Reacher becomes involved in the action and slowly pulled into the fray, against his desire to just leave town.

This is a traditional action show, light on the gore and heavy on the fists. Reacher is a man’s man, à la clint eastwood, a tough guy that doesn’t talk much, just gets his business done.

Certainly not appropriate for children but not a curse-word filled gore fest like so many other shows are now. The only knock on this series is the first 15 minutes of the first episode is slow to get going. It picks up quickly after that.

Also a plus – very little social justice warrior b.s.. There is a little bit, but it’s subtle.

I’ve only watched 4 shows, but so far it is great. I will update after I watch the remainder of the episodes.

5 out of 5 stars. A great watch.

There Are No More Birds In My Area

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

I’m changing it up this time…rather than a movie I am posting an interview of Dane Wigington about the geoengineering happening around the world. Truly a must watch…I just hope he’s wrong. I haven’t studied this subject at all but I do know that the number of birds I see daily has declined dramatically in the last 2 years. There used to be birds flying around all the time, now it is rare to even see one. Crows would make such a racket it was impossible to ignore. Cardinals would perch on the side mirrors of my car. Bluejays were everywhere. Mockingbirds were always chattering, chasing away other birds. Doves would fly up from the grass every time I walked in the yard. Now, nothing.

Oddly, on 2 occasions recently I saw lone pelicans flying above the trees. It was memorable because pelicans are water birds and rarely if ever fly over land. I remember looking up and thinking “what are these birds doing?” Both times they seemed confused as to where they were going, like they were lost. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.

I don’t know if this is a part of a natural cycle or if something more nefarious is going on, as Wigington suggests. But there are dramatically less birds in my area. Insects too. When was the last time you had to scrap the love bugs off the front of your car? What are you seeing in your area – are there less birds and insects? Dane Wigington has incredible analysis in the interview below:

The Spirit of the Cossacks

“Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks” by Ilya Repin. The canvas is 6’8” x 11’9”, was started in 1880 and finished in 1891. It depicts the Cossacks in revelry writing a reply to Mehmed IV, trying to come up with better and better insults. Wikipedia: “Alexander III bought the painting for 35,000 rubles, at the time the greatest sum ever paid for a Russian painting. Since then, the canvas has been exhibited in the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.”

With many groups beginning to stand up to authority around the world, I thought it worth mentioning the story of the Cossacks, a group that lived around what is now Ukraine and who are said to have written a reply to a letter from the leader of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed IV in 1676. In the letter they told Mehmed to get bent, though in much more flowery language. Maybe those standing up to power today will take heart from the example of the Cossacks, maybe even sending the same letter to their current leaders.

From Wikipedia (bold mine): “In the 19th century, the historical Zaporozhian Cossacks were sometimes the subject of picturesque tales demonstrating admiration of their primitive vitality and contemptuous disregard for authority.”

“According to the story, the Cossacks, inhabiting the lands around the lower Dnieper River in Ukraine, had defeated Ottoman Empire forces in battle. However, Mehmed demanded that the Cossacks submit to Ottoman rule. The Cossacks, led by Ivan Sirko, replied in a characteristic manner; they wrote a letter, replete with insults and profanities. The painting exhibits the Cossacks’ pleasure at striving to come up with ever more base vulgarities.”

Letter to the Cossacks:

Continue reading “The Spirit of the Cossacks”

Mencken’s Libido for the Ugly – 2022 Update

Mencken coined a term for the innate desire of americans for ugly things. Even when the beautiful is easier to achieve, the american will still choose ugliness, and even prefers it. This trait appears to be almost distinctly american, for this libido was less apparent in cultures of the past. Look at the art of the past, the buildings, the ships, furniture, clothing, even weapons of war, the buildings, the churches. Beauty abounded.

But in these modern times, Mencken’s idea is alive and well, spreading faster – and with more gusto. It has become virtually the sole goal of american society.

To begin our tour of ugly look no further than new houses, which are almost all exactly alike. They have the same drab design and are constructed of the same poor quality materials. Thin concrete, chipboard plywood, pressed wood cabinets, and water paint. 3 years after construction they look like they are 20 years old. Not only is the design and build quality of new homes poor, but they are being constructed on smaller and smaller plots of land. There is nowhere to walk, no space, no beauty of the earth to be a part of, no nature but a few sprigs of grass and an ornamental tree.

The suburbs. Shunning beauty, the designers of suburbs went with wide roads and tiny lots. Drive around a suburb and you will see they were built for the motorist to speed around, not for the community of the place. Roads, by their nature, are ugly. No where to walk or bike or golf cart around. No where to let a kid skip to a neighbors or relatives home, maybe through the trees. These are the things that make up a part of a community – the connections to others. The hideous design of the ‘burbs make it almost impossible.

The shopping strip malls. Perhaps this is the most efficient design, cheapest to build and easiest to get approved by building departments. Life to builders and developers is about efficiency -how can we cram the most sq ft on a property to maximize income and how to do it the cheapest possible way? Thus the strip malls were born. Without doubt, a great ugliness. But the investors are happy!

The retention/mosquito ponds. I’ve seen developments with upwards of 50% of the land being used as retention ponds. Who doesn’t like to look at putrid sewer water with trash floating around in it? All new developments are required to have this eyesore. It is guaranteed ugliness on every new building! A built in fail-safe to protect society against beauty.

The corporate sameness that has spread like gangrene across america. The new travel book of america will feature the walmarts, wendys, and nail salons of all the towns in america. Welcome to Boise Idaho, here is our mcdonalds, an architectural marvel. People come from all over the world to see this waffle house, this publix. These companies have taken over modern america and thus we are saddled with the ugliness of these buildings en masse throughout the land. Ugly has gone nationwide. This is a new development since Mencken’s time.

Modern art, what more is there to say? Where are the Rembrandts? Those who might have the talent for true artistic works of beauty go into digital art, designing websites, logos and billboards, drawing comic books. Why? Because in America it’s all for commerce, all the time.

The droll thump of the repeating bass line, the clanging of drums, the shrill screech of the electric guitar. The boorish typecast voice. The same 3 musical chords, the plain melody created by a workman at a computer. Music is made to be local, and distinct, not bland and universal. There is nothing bland about the polka, or Beethoven, or the great choral hymns. All created at different times in history and in widely different places. They were unique and beautiful. They didn’t sell very many albums.

I have to give credit to the man who invented one of the ugliest devices in the pantheon of human inventions. The beeper on construction equipment. Only the most vile of fools would create something so ugly, and only the most vile governments would mandate it on every piece of construction equipment throughout the land. Now, on virtually any square foot of property in america, one hears the shrill, endless beeping of construction equipment. In a civilized society these beepers would be destroyed within 10 minutes of activation. But in america they are mandated, approved. The ugliness must be heard, it must be broadcast over the land, like a great whine ode to ugliness. It is a steady reminder to americans that they live in the land of ugly.

Light pollution
No designer has yet to learn that a light shining in the eyes is an unpleasant light. The light which shines directly down, casting light on the area intended to be lit is a beautiful use of light. Flood lights shining in all directions is ugly. But that is what we have in america.

That which the american has a hand in creating, for whatever reason, maybe for efficiency, or to satisfy the requirements of building commissions, zoning boards and other such swine, is ugly. This libido has not abated since Mencken’s time, but has gained in popularity and momentum. It has been enshrined in the law books, codes and decrees. It has become an everlasting trait of the americano.


But let us not be too sour over the abounding hideousness of our country. This is our america, ugly and repugnant as she might be. There is still beauty. Buildings from the past, even some modern ones. Some churches. Some cities are beautiful. And there is much natural beauty, parts of Maine and Florida, the entire west coast’s cliffs and dunes and beaches. The high mountains and grand forests. Locally, there is still family, and love in the heart.

And so, in the end, to counteract the ugliness of our times, we must develop our own libido for beauty. As Thoreau said, “Perception of beauty is a moral test.” We must be the beauty, in everything we do, in all of our words and actions – our love for neighbors, our homes, our marriage, our very lives. Counteract the ugliness by living to elevate the beautiful.