Why Pop Songs are Getting Sadder

This recent study analyzed the top 100 pop hits from 1965 to the present day, noting instances of positive emotions and negative emotions.

The authors included these beautiful charts, which tell the story of America.

Here is the chart showing the rise of negative emotions:

And exponentially growing instances of hate being used in pop songs:

The authors come up with explanations for the decline of positive emotions and rise of negative emotions, but they are but hogwash. It’s simple: Americans are growing poorer, thanks to the fiat dollar, and they are growing weaker and hateful because they are not free anymore.

From what little I hear of pop music I can tell its not only getting sadder, but weaker. It represents well the people of America.

This fiat dollar has been warping American society for 100 years, but in earnest since 1971. People cannot express what is happening, but they feel it. A culture’s art tells its story and American culture has been and continues to be torn apart. The decline of individual freedom and rise of the fake fiat dollar correspond perfectly with these musical trends. Thus the songs are simply the expressions of a sadder people.

I wish Americans could figure out what was being done to them and turn the tide of history. With sound money and more individual freedom they could get better forever into the future and build the grande dame of societies, a true beacon of civilization. But those in charge will never give up their advantage. Thus they will instead drive the fiat dollar into the ground and with it the rest of American freedom and society.

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