Where to Go to Find Help in Life

I love this sentiment from St. John Damascus. He writes how a person will go to great lengths to meet a king, or secular famous person – a movie star, politician, or athlete. But he says that the saints, who are infinitely more powerful than politicians and stars, have true powers. They can help you in your life. You can appeal to them at anytime. If you would go to such great lengths to meet a secular star, who has no power and can’t really help you, why wouldn’t you just get down on your knees and pray to those saints who are so much more powerful?

As All Saints Day approaches on November 1st (the vigil is Halloween) let us remember and pray to the saints.

This is such a beautiful sentiment:

How, therefore, are demons driven off by them, diseases dispelled, sick persons made well, the blind restored to sight, lepers purified, temptations and troubles overcome, and how does every good gift from the Father of lights come down through them to those who pray with sure faith? How much labor would you not undergo to find a patron to introduce you to a mortal king and speak to him on your behalf?

From The Fathers of the Church, by Mike Aquilina

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