Trump Cancels In-Person Republican Convention in Florida

From NBC News:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he will no longer hold a large, in-person Republican convention in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the coronavirus but will hold virtual events and still give an acceptance speech.

“I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Florida, component of the G.O.P. Convention. We will be starting in North Carolina for the Monday, as has always been planned, we were never taking that off,” Trump said at a press conference at the White House Thursday afternoon.

Trump said that it was “not the right time” for a big convention, adding that he had “to protect the American people.”

He continues:

“I could see the media saying, ‘Oh this is very unsafe,'” Trump said. “I don’t want to be in that position.”

Trump said that he would be making an announcement in the coming days about what the new convention plans will look like, saying that it would be in a “different form” rather than the large arena event he had hoped for.

“We’ll announce what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, whether it’s something that’s done online,” Trump said, lamenting that “there could be nothing like our last convention, unfortunately.”

Seems to me like Trump has given up.

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