The Dollar is Cratering

The dollar is at 95.12 today, down .73%. I usually wouldn’t comment on this but if it goes below the March low of 94.61 this is going to get ugly quickly. Inflation is already surging for everything – houses, cars, boats, RV’s, even used guitars – see my recent article here. But what will really blow the lid off of prices is one, decreased supply since factories have been shut down and two, because everything is manufactured overseas the products we do get will cost more due to the falling value of the dollar.

I somewhat expected a period of deflation where many went broke and assets were sold at a discount. But it looks like we’re going straight into hyperinflation. The tell will be if you begin to see stories about wages ripping higher, as this was a foundational change during the hyperinflation of Weimar Germany.

Things are changing fast.

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