The End of the American System of Government

Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner from has put together population and wealth movement data between states from 2010-2018. In it they find:

“Flat and no-income tax states, as a group, are beating out progressive tax states in the contest for people and their incomes, according to the last decade of IRS migration data analyzed by Wirepoints.

The nation’s seventeen flat and no income tax states won a net 1.9 million residents and $120 billion in Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from progressive tax states during the 2000-2018 period.”

Only 3 out of 20 Northern states has seen net inflows of people and wealth. 7 out of 11 Southern states had net inflows:

South Carolina
North Carolina

The Norther System of Government has Failed
Post Civil War, the Northern states had 160 years of free reign to implement the very best of their political ideas and create any society they wished. They unleashed upon the land the finest and best political ideas they had. The net result? 85% of Northern states are losing people and wealth to states in the south.

What defines the Northern system of government? An omnipotent and expensive state, endless bloodlust for money and power, and a wanton disregard for quality of life. These things the Northern politician instituted and has now failed the old yankee miserably. His fellow Northerners are leaving the homeland in droves.

Yet the story goes on. Though their failure is plain to see, the people in NY and DC still clutch the reigns of power and set the rules. This last push by the Federal Reserve to flood the world with money, what once would have been called monetary crankism, is the last desperate gasp of the old guard to maintain power and keep the systems built upon the fiat dollar from collapsing. But the data says they are losing the economic civil war. They are losing the war in the streets and in the hearts and minds of millions – not only of their former neighbors but also those whose economic freedom and opportunity has been squashed by their destructive policy.

It will take them driving the system into the ground before another system is allowed purchase on the shores of America. A decent person would see the facts as laid bare and recognize that the system they operate under has failed and needed dismantling. But the entrenched parasites of the system are too far embedded to ever allow that to happen. Those who work in the system, those who leech off of it, those who owe their whole livelihood to it would never allow change. They would never renounce it. Those in power want more power and will begin a new civil war before they give up even an inch of their advantage. Though their ideas have been failures, they’ve gotten an advantage and they intend to keep it.

Thus they will clutch onto power until the bitter end. They will try mightily to keep the charade going, without care as to what happens to the people and world around them. They will drive the apparatus of the state and entire society wholesale into the ground, wrecking everything with it.

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